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#1 Accident and Workplace Injury Prevention Program

Discover how we have saved our clients MILLIONS and helped over 70,000 industrial workers reduce workplace injuries with our proven, injury prevention solutions!


Attacking Discomforts to Avoid Injuries

Bio Health Care provides a unique and proven solution to reduce workplace injuries. We offer tailored action plans for clients to bring in the best solutions for any workplace injuries and preventive measures of new injuries. Our work and safety programs result in a safe environment and more productive employees. Clients recognize the savings of our program! Our proven system not only finds solutions for discomforts but also keeps employees on the job.

Contact Bio Health Care for efficient solutions in eliminating discomforts and reducing workplace injuries.


Proven System to Reduce Injuries

Our team of experts help companies minimize the financial and human costs associated with workplace musculoskeletal disorders.

Keeps Employees on the Job

Our proven program is designed to intervene and find solutions for employee discomforts before seeking treatment from a medical clinic.

Embraced by Management and Employees

Reduced OSHA recordables and workers’ compensation costs and claims. Plus, clients average 10-30X on their ROI!

A Healthy Workforce

Dr. Grennan and the Bio Health Care team are passionate about finding solutions for employees, offering a better quality of life for employees, and assisting companies in creating safer work environments.


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Dr. Steve Grennan, CEO, DC

Dr. Stephen Grennan, DC is a renowned expert on Occupational BioMechanics & Injury Prevention Programs. He began his career with a degree in orthopedic chiropractic and a doctorate in orthopedic chiropractic from Sherman College in South Carolina. For more than 20 years, Dr. Stephen Grennan has helped companies and workers fight the financial and human costs of Musculoskeletal Disorders occurring in the workplace.

Since 1998, Dr. Grennan and his team have worked with the leaders of industries to create specific injury prevention programs with a focus on:

  • finding solutions for discomforts

  • providing advice and tips for daily prevention habits

  • educate employees on how to prepare for overextension

  • stretches for individual needs


Call us today to find out how Dr. Grennan and the Bio Health Care team can benefit your workforce!



“This is one of best programs we have ever used to reduce injuries. The men love it and the participation is terrific.”

Eric Baumgart, Safety Director

Carroll Independant Fuel



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