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Industries We Serve

We believe the best companies are not those who provide health insurance to cover employee’s health fees when they get sick, but those companies who implement preventive efforts. Bio Health Care offers efficient solutions for eliminating discomforts and reducing workplace injuries across various industries.

  • Waste Management

  • HVAC Systems

  • Matson Ports

  • High Rise Window Operators

  • Heavy Rug Installation

  • Iron Working

  • Bottling


Construction & Roofing

Bio Health Care has nearly 27 years experience working with some of the leaders in construction around the nation and has become an expert in the demands on the body in this industry. 

Whether it’s using a hammer all day or raking concrete, the tasks within the construction industry involve long hours, heavy lifting, repetitive motions, and precarious positions day in and day out. With our program, the musculoskeletal strains and sprains that seem unavoidable can be reduced, minimized, and prevented.


Bio Health Care specializes in working with all areas of construction including: heavy divisions, building divisions, commercial divisions, power and industrial divisions, aggregates, ready mix, paving, concrete cutting/coring/demo, ironworkers, masons, laborers, carpenters, operators, scrapers, and finishers.



Power generators, utility employees, industrial electricians, and solar panel installers have all benefited from the our program. These fields are vastly different, but all support our nation in getting power. These hardworking individuals in such a unique line of work have daily repetitive motions and overextensions that can cause strains to muscles and joints.


Emergency Services and Healthcare

A primary concern within health occupations is Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s), especially those related to the trunk and back from lifting and moving patients.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2016 nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants had the highest number MSD’s resulting in a day(s) away from work. The 2016 BLS data for overextension in lifting and lowering confirms Nursing Assistants had an injury rate of 41.3 per 10,000 full-time employees (US Department of Labor, 2016). Activities in health occupations revolve around the patients and very often require the movement of those patients. These types of tasks occur in nearly every realm of the health industry from EMS to nurses and even firefighters. Bio Health Care will assist those in the health and social services industry by preparing their bodies for the difficult task of helping others.


Auto Mechanics and Mobile Equipment

We are experts in understanding the nature of work for mechanics in aviation and heavy operating equipment. This craft requires working in awkward positions, overextension, and repetitive motions during daily tasks.


Low back and shoulder discomforts are common symptoms that can be avoided using the Bio Health Care program. Through the program, each employee is given the knowledge and advice needed to prevent serious injuries, and often those musculoskeletal disorders that seem unavoidable can be reduced, minimized, and avoided.


Materials Handling, Warehousing

The logistics industry is vast and unique. From warehouses putting products together, material handlers preparing products for shipping, and truck drivers shipping out final products, there are thousands of diverse tasks that constitute this sector. With all of those tasks comes the risk of strains and sprains from repetitive motion, heavy lifting, and overextension.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, transportation and warehousing accounted for 210,000 private industry nonfatal injuries. Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material handlers had an injury rate of 56.3 in 2016 for overextension in lifting and lowering (US Department of Labor, 2016). For these employees to safely complete their tasks, whether it be preparing the package or delivering it, their bodies must be prepared. Through our program, each employee receives knowledge needed to avoid severe injuries, and often those musculoskeletal disorders that seem unavoidable can be reduced, minimized, and prevented.



Working with the FAA and various airlines have provided Bio Health Care the knowledge of all the areas of operation involved with preparing a plane for takeoff and land.

Hardworking mechanics work overnight to make sure each plane is safe and up to regulations before the first flights out in the morning. Ground crews work tediously to assess each plane as they come in to ensure it is ready for the next trip out. Luggage crews are quickly retrieving passengers’ luggage. All these positions require crawling into small spaces and working with different size and weight material.

Inside the plane, flight crews work quickly to turn over a plane from one flight to the next, help passengers with luggage, and work with heavy beverage and food carts. Pilots manage the flight while sitting for 2-8 hours at a time. Although all these job tasks are vastly different, they all require repetitive motions and overextension.

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