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Bio Health Care provides a unique and proven solution to reduce workplace injuries. We offer tailored action plans for clients to bring in the best solutions for any workplace injuries and preventive measures of new injuries. Our work and safety programs result in a safe environment and more productive employees. Clients recognize the savings of our program! Our proven system not only finds solutions for discomforts but also keeps employees on the job.


Read the articles below that support the science behind proactive and preventative programs and injury prevention.

Avoid Workers Comp and OSHA Recordables with the Bio Health Care Program

Darryle Matsumiya, Independent Safety Consultant with Business Safety Solutions in Honolulu, Hawaii shares his personal experience with Bio Health Care and Dr. Grennan's team.

"Working with the Bio Health Care team over the years leads to significant decreases in OSHA recordables as well as workers comp claims. The cost-benefit analysis on the Bio Health Care program is dramatic. When you treat the workers, you can prevent those injuries from becoming recordables... which leads to improvements in your TIR (Total Incident Rate) and it also results in lower workers comp costs."

Hear Darryle's powerful testimonial in the video link below:

For more testimonials, visit:, or contact us today to find out how Dr. Grennan and the Bio Health Care team can benefit your workforce!

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