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Bio Health Care provides a unique and proven solution to reduce workplace injuries. We offer tailored action plans for clients to bring in the best solutions for any workplace injuries and preventive measures of new injuries. Our work and safety programs result in a safe environment and more productive employees. Clients recognize the savings of our program! Our proven system not only finds solutions for discomforts but also keeps employees on the job.


Read the articles below that support the science behind proactive and preventative programs and injury prevention.

Accident Prevention at Work is a Must or Not?

Accidents might happen to anyone and anywhere, including the workplace. According to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018), 5,147 people died in their workplace. Texas and California lead the list in terms of fatalities in the year 2017. Later’s rate increased to 422 in 2018 from 376 in 2017.

Employers should take countermeasures to prevent accident-related injuries and death. Safety plans should be redrawn and reviewed from time to time. While it is not possible to curb accidents completely, steps can be taken to minimize them.

Identifying evident risks for accident prevention in the workplace

  • Review the infrastructure of the building from time to time.

  • Check the conditions of machines, additional appliances as well as the wiring system of the workplace.

  • Employees should carefully inspect gears given for safety.

  • Lift and vehicle condition should be introspected before use.

  • The routes of the workplace should be clutter-free to enable safe passage of workers.

Introducing Safety Measures

  • An adequate health and safety plan should be incorporated into the constitution of a firm or company. It shall include in its ambit every prospect related to workers’ health and safety. This shall assure employees and showcase employers’ goodwill.

  • A safety committee of employees should be constituted. They have first-hand knowledge of the hazards and risks involved in their work, accident prevention program construction, and can plan and implement preventive measures accordingly. This shall cut employers’ premium policy costs as well.

  • Employers should hold a screening test for possible candidates to test their physical power as well as mental sharpness. Many times, individual meet with an accident due to their shortcomings

  • Undergoing a basic accident prevention program is mandatory for fresh employees in most jobs. In addition to it, employers should direct veterans to take them under their wing and guide them. the new

  • Safety standards should be relayed and reminded to employees from time to time. Workshops should be conducted by employers to allow the workers to learn about escaping from dire circumstances. Disaster management skills should be taught to workers to face emergencies. Holding periodical physical training also improvise their overall health and work capacity.

  • Top-notch protection equipment should be provided to employees, and their usage should be made mandatory even in training. They should be taught how to use gears as earmuffs, goggles, gloves, masks, etc.

  • Machines and tools should be inspected from time to time. Often industrial accidents take place due to the break down of machines. Equipment failure is one of the prominent causes of death of construction workers in 2016, Bureau of Labour Statistics report.

  • Workers often meet with grave injury due to over-exhaustion. Employers should employ enough manpower to meet the regular target and prevent overexertion of employees, often having fatal consequences.

  • Incentives should promote safety measures by holding seminars, rewarding bonuses to the most safety-conscious and meticulous worker.

Protecting employees from harm is an employer’s moral job. Providing them adequate safeguards also help in accident prevention at work and cutting accident-related compensation cost.

Accidents are unpredictable. One can not always prevent an accident from taking place, but in case it takes place, an employer can ensure that the injured person receives medical aid at the earnest.

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