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Bio Health Care provides a unique and proven solution to reduce workplace injuries. We offer tailored action plans for clients to bring in the best solutions for any workplace injuries and preventive measures of new injuries. Our work and safety programs result in a safe environment and more productive employees. Clients recognize the savings of our program! Our proven system not only finds solutions for discomforts but also keeps employees on the job.


Read the articles below that support the science behind proactive and preventative programs and injury prevention.

Our Customized Back@Work Program

With over 20 years experience, Bio Health Care understands the stress workplace injuries have on the employee and the employer. When we work with a client, that client receives a tailored plan of action to meet unique needs and goals. The customized work plan derives from a work plan that follows a four-phase model.

image of skeleton and words joints

Phase 1

Proactive Approach:

Finding vulnerabilities for strains and sprains and implement solutions to prevent injuries.

Phase 2

Active Approach:

Prepare joint and muscle groups for simple repetitive motions and overextension performed daily.

Phase 3

Reactive Approach:

Recognize types of discomforts; educate employees to avoid additional aches in the specific bodily region.

Phase 4


Utilize analysis information to interpret the type of care needed to rehabilitate and restore stability back to muscle/joint region.

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